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    Our Adult Program provides more than 7,000 interventions annually. Services are provided to adults dealing with illness as well as to their partners and caregivers. The program also offers special services to address special needs, such as AIDS, breast cancer, the elderly, the disabled, and loss and grief. There is also a support group program called Person-to-Person for people are not ill or grieving but wish to use an Attitudinal Healing group to enhance their quality of life. Every month the Adult Program provides close to 150 intakes and crisis calls.

    The Program also provides community outreach to the homeless, to prisoners at San Quentin, and collaborates with hospitals and health service in the local community.

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    The program for life threatened children was the first of its kind in the world. The Children & Youth Program provides support to children and teenagers facing catastrophic illness, to their parents and siblings, and to children responding to the loss of a family member. The Program provides more than 4,000 interventions annually, including support groups, home and hospital visits, and crisis support. Families are served a hot meal each week just before the support group, to make it easier for the whole family to attend the evening groups.

Outreach Volunteer Dezorah Smith in Oklahoma City after bombing

    The Children & Youth Program is also active in the supporting conflict resolution in elementary and secondary schools.

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    The Home & Hospital Visiting Service trains and matches volunteers with people whose are immobilzed by a serious illness. Volunteers provide emotional and spiritual support to people on a "buddy" system basis, serving more than 200 families each year. The Program also trains hospital personnel and church groups in how to offer this kind of service. The Home and Hospital Visiting Program won the Fetzer Award for program excellence. Its approach is described in more detail in the section on the web page called "Services to the Life Threatened"

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    Currently, the Center utilizes close to 200 active volunteers providing support to Center participants. The Center provides training, workshops and seminars to develop the skills needed to serve others. The Center's volunteer program has been nationally recognized for its excellence. Our volunteer training classes offered in 1997 is on the Calendar of Events. Over the years, the Center has trained thousands of volunteers to facilitate support groups, conduct home and hospital visits, offer one-on-one support, and to participate in local outreach and training efforts.

    See the section on Peer Support: Ordinary People Making A Difference.

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