The Center for Attitudinal Healing


    The mission of the Center for Attitudinal Healing is to support people in finding ways to overcome the fear, conflict, and separation that accompanies personal crisis, whether that crisis is the result of illness, social conditions or psychological trauma.

     The goal of the Center is to provide individuals with an attitudinal climate which is psychologically safe to reexamine their lives and choose what it is they want to experience. Attitudinal Healing states that in any and all situations we are faced with two central choices: peace or conflict, love or fear.

    At the Center, our definition of health is inner peace, and healing is a process of letting go of painful, fearful thoughts and attitudes. We define the purpose of all communication as joining and see love as the most significant healing force there is. As a service, the Center is based upon the belief in the vast resourcefulness of each individual and in their capacity to help themselves and each other in finding ways to heal fear, conflict and separation.

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