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About Outside Information & Referral Resources:

We are often asked if we keep referral resources on agencies outside of the Center. The answer is yes. Below are the names of agencies we mostly frequently refer to:


      Reach to Recovery, 510-934-7640. Self help and rehabilitation Program for breastcancer;information and support to family and friends.

      Simonton Cancer Center, 213-459-4434. Education and psycho-therapeutic support for cancer patients and their care partners. Focus: the influence of beliefs and belief systems. Life style Counseling, relaxation, mental imagery, the role of stress in disease, therapist referrals, books, tapes.

      Wellness Community, 510-933-0107. Goal: cancer recovery to improve quality of life, support groups, workshops, relaxation, visualization, education, nutritional training, exercise, family support.

      Women's Cancer Resource Center, 510-548-WCRC. Information, referrals, support groups, peer counseling, family support groups. Goal: empowering women to be active and informed consumers.

      Breast Cancer Patient Support Group, Marin General Hospital at 415-388-3742.

      Advanced Breast Cancer Support Group (Free), 415-925-7115.

      Peer Support for Patients With Breast Cancer, 415-925-7115.

      ONCOLINK - Online Cancer Resources (Free, 24-hours a day). The internet location is

      To find family counseling other than the Center's internship counseling service, We can refer you to the local Family Service Agency with confidence at 415-456-3853. We also have some referrals to private counselors who specialize in families.

      Information resources for a very unusual disease, can be garnered from Planetree. Planetree is the best resource we know. They are a health and education - computer and library research resource. They are connected to computers all over the USA and will actively do research for you through UC Medical Center in San Francisco. They charge a fee for their service. You can reach them at: 415-923-3680.

      Also, the self-help hotline has 1,200 groups if you want group support for a specific illness or disease. Their phone number is: 415-921-4044.

      We also have "800" numbers for hotlines, groups and information for specific diseases.

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