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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD & Diane V. Cirincione $13.95
A book for people who have a desire and willingness to change the thoughts in their minds to heal their attitudes and thereby change their lives.
Order # cahb501

Goodbye to Guilt
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $11.95
Explores the possibility of eliminating fear and guilt in our lives, while offering practical suggestions on giving and receiving genuine love.
Order # cahb502

Love is Letting Go of Fear    
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $8.95
This best selling book focuses on the principles of attitudinal healing applied to everyday life.
Order # cahb503

Love is the Answer     Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD & Diane V. Cirincione $12.95
The companion volume to the best seller Love is Letting Go of Fear. Contains seven steps and fifteen daily lessons to overcoming our own obstacles.
Order # cahb504

A MINI COURSE In Healing Relationships   
and Bringing about Peace of Mind - To Give is to Receive
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $8.95
Packet of 18 daily cards offers practical exercises in letting go of fear and extending love. The Mini-Course is also available in Russian.
Order # cahb505

One Person Can Make a Difference
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $10.00
Stories about nine "ordinary" people doing extraordinary things. The vibrant human beings who come to life on these pages have one thing in common, they dared to follow their hearts.
Order # cahb506

Out of Darkness, Into the Light
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $11.95
A very moving, personal account of Jerry's inner struggle and attitudinal healing.
Order # cahb507

Teach Only Love
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $10.95
Explores the unique and transforming power of love. Draws upon the principles of attitudinal healing.
Order # cahb508

Wake up Calls
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD & Diane V. Cirincione $15.00
A book of daily meditations that offer us another way of looking at the world.
Order # cahb509

Healing the Addictive Mind
Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D $11.95
An exploration of changing addictive behavors by releasing fear.
Order # cahb510

The Art of Trust
Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D $11.95
A process for developing trust within yourself with tools to know yourself better, and to trust what you know.
Order # cahb511

Advice to Doctors and Other Big People...From Kids
by the children at the Center $7.95
A must read for every adult who may be dealing with children who are ill.
Order # cahb512

There is a Rainbow Behind Every Dark Cloud
(The Children at the Center) $8.95
Drawings and text about children's attitudes towards illness and death.
Order # cahb513

Another Look at the Rainbow
(Straight from the Siblings) $8.95
Drawings and text about children's attitudes and concerns about having a brother or sister with a life-threatening illness.
Order # cahb514

Children as Teachers of Peace
Edited by Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD $8.95
Children throughout the country express their thoughts about peace in words and pictures.
Order # cahb515

Listen To Me
Gerald G. Jampolsky and Lee Jampolsky, PhD., $21.95
A book for everyone. Of particular interest to fathers and sons. Jerry and Lee share the healing process they experienced as they explored their relationship.
Order # cahb516

Sounds of the Morning Sun
Diane V. Cirincione, $15.00
Diane's personal journey of the evolution of her own consciousness, moving out of the head and into the heart, confronting the emergency of awakening consciousness.
Order # cahb517

Audio Tapes

Change your Mind, Change your Life
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD & Diane V. Cirincione $15.99
2 tape set. A "primer" for Attitudinal Healing, to help those who are willing to be open to changing their perceptions.
Order # caha518

The Quiet Mind
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD & Diane V. Cirincione $49.95
6 tapes. Guided imagery for peaceful living, covering such topics as the neccessity for a Quit Mind, meditative relaxation, imagery for forgiveness, imagery for a new day, resolving conflcts during the day, healing the split mind, enhancing creativity, positive health imagery, learning to deal with life and death differently, imagery for ending the day, thoughts for a quiet mind.
Order # caha519

Love is Letting Go of Fear
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD Single Tape $8.95 Description: Explores 12 steps to more loving relationships with those around you.

Order # caha520

Introduction to the Course in Miracles
Author, $10.99
Jerry and Diane talk about the essential truths offered in "A course in Miracles" offering insights into the origins and application of the teachings.
Order # caha523

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