Welcome From Jerry and Diane

Dear Friends,

     We extend to you a very warm welcome and "thank you" for selecting the web site for The Center for Attitudinal Healing. The Center was founded by me (Jerry) in 1975 and the work there continues to be at the very core of our hearts. We are most happy to be on the World Wide Web and to have an opportunity to share with you information about Attitudinal Healing.

     On our web site you will find information on the Center, its approach to service, and its philosophy about love. You will find a bookstore that features books and tapes as well as names and addresses of other centers around the world.

     We both sincerely hope that the information you find can be of personal help to you in finding ways of healing attitudes, choosing love rather than fear, peace rather than conflict, and the peace that forgiveness can bring to each of us. Our work not only deals with illness and dying, loss and grief, but with living fully each moment and healing relationships in all parts of our lives.

     We hope that after browsing through our web site that you might decide to join with us by becoming a member in this work that we feel makes such a positive difference in the world.

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